Diamond Water and 5th Dimension Technology

Pole Inversion

Pole inversion is the last new  5th dimension technology, which contains all the previous phases of the Steel Storm Staelhe Project. Presented by Joel Ducatillon in Italy on January 2018.


Pole Inversion activates and helps to grow one's own Essence, already present in every human being. Directing towards the path of the “Mutation” and more awareness to adapt us to the new frequencies that invest every day our planet, already in this time of great transition for all.


The information transmitted during the individual session of Pole Inversion, is based on what is most useful and right for the soul that receives the treatment. It naturally eliminates quickly what prevents the Growth of Being.


Individual treatments can also be performed remotely, as it is a 5th dimensional technology, where space and time don't exist. Therefore people can stay comfortably at home, while the Pole Inversion operator operates.

Total duration of session is about 60m. 

For more info see other italian page and use google translator or send email to erbamicaluce@gmail.com


Pyramidal Memories Transmutation

PMT is an innovative 5th dimenson technology studied by JOEL DUCATILLON, the inventor of Diamond Water.


PMT was created to accelerate the process of personal growth and transformation by increasing awareness.


That technology transmutes ancient memories of soul, during a 45-minute session and which seriously disturb the fluidity of the individual's journey.


Such as: traumas, wrong teachings, religious dogmas, hatred and anger, magic suffered, relationships imposed in the past.


Using 5 ADN850 glass encoders, containing a spiral of light (formed by more than 26,000 or more codes), a double pyramid of light (Diamond shape) is activated around the person who is comfortably seated.


Inside these two pyramids (an etheric tetrahedron), the soul begins to release the memories it wishes to transmute, and the operator, with another ADN 850 Encoder, travels around the entire perimeter of the pyramids, cleaning up the released memories, and thus allowing them transmutation without suffering even in everyday life.


Being a 5th dimensional technology, neither the operator nor the person can interfere in any way in the choice of memories to be transformed; it is a process chosen by the soul of the person requesting the session.


Seven Treatments of P.M.T. they roughly correspond to 5 years of evolution that the soul would do anyway, therefore using these treatments one has the possibility to choose to evolve without suffering and with awareness.


The effects of PMT will become evident in daily life and situations will begin to change in the following 21 days following treatment; it will be noticed that inner blocks will be removed and we will stop attracting the same situations, the people around us will show it and we will not fall back into the same mistakes again.


By transmuting memories that block your way, you will become "cleaner", vibrate at a higher frequency, people around you will notice this and therefore will begin to respond differently.