Diamond Water

Steel Storm Staelhe Project

Encoder DNA850
Encoder DNA850




Joel  Ducatillon is the creator of Diamond Water by DNA850 encoder, the basis of the Steel Storm Staelhe Project.


These are effettive 5th dimensional tools, intended for energetic purification and soul memories transmutation, that represent powerful spiritual self-healing methods, also active on physical diseases.

More than ever, now, the earth is ful experiencing events, transforming and evolving naturally the planet, that affect the entire galactic system. Humanity has an important opportunity to make experiences on this period with greater awareness and knowledge, in order to not succumb, but transmute on various levels.

Steel Storm Staelhe Project contains various tools, which help to alleviate and SPEED up personal paths, activating a work on myself.


Mainly, is reccommended to utilize daily Diamond Water and to use periodically 5th dimensional technologies, as Pole Inversion, PMT, FAA, QSP, BOD, IPR and POLE INVERSION, which can be practiced also at DISTANCE and are suitable to:


- transmute DNA cellular memories, that thicken the life;

- develop relationships and life situations;

- find and implement soul purpose;

- raise quickly frequency and adapt at the increasing vibrations in progress;

- crumbling the 'masks' and the false identities generated by the subconscious;

- understand the incarnation as a sublime evolutionary path;

- awaking the collective and individual consciousness;

- prepare on time the next personal 'quantum leap' and to access to the upcoming new existential dimension.


Diamond Water


Diamond water is a spring water, which consciousness is the fifth dimension and responds with Love to the verbal intentions before drinking.

It is a practical aid for deprogramming and transforming the restrictive cellular memories that throw down our daily lives. It can be infinitely multiplied and must be shared with others.


The search of Diamond Water began by Joel Ducatillon in 1994, following information received through three revelatory dreams. After 18 months of inner research, meditation and reading on quantum physics, Joel created a device called ADN850.


The ADN850 is a blown glass airtight tube, in which several luminous spirals serve as receptacles for the over 1500 codes transmitted. These are mathematical and geometric codes, that have been translated into different sound combinations by a synthesizer.

How to use and duplicate Diamond water?

To multiply Diamond Water, add nine equal parts to the Diamond Water you own.

If you have a glass of Diamond Water, add 9 glasses of good water or even better from the spring. Wait 2 hours and then it will be all diamond water. You can use it to drink and share. Before drinking , add a clear and simple intention and remain aware of what happens in your life. Use it for plants and distribute it in ditches, rivers, lakes and seas. Ideal for animals, once tasted, they will surely prefer only Diamont Water

Ask for Diamond Water

Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti

Pole Inversion

Pole inversion is the last new  5th dimension technology, which contains all the previous phases of the Steel Storm Staelhe Project. Presented by Joel Ducatillon in Italy on January 2018.


Pole Inversion activates and helps to grow one's own Essence, already present in every human being. Directing towards the path of the “Mutation” and more awareness to adapt us to the new frequencies that invest every day our planet, already in this time of great transition for all.


The information transmitted during the individual session of Pole Inversion, is based on what is most useful and right for the soul that receives the treatment. It naturally eliminates quickly what prevents the Growth of Being.


Individual treatments can also be performed remotely, as it is a 5th dimensional technology, where space and time don't exist. Therefore people can stay comfortably at home, while the pole inversion operator operates.

Total duration of session is about 60m. 

For more info see other italian page and use google translator or send email to erbamicaluce@gmail.com


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    Jean (lunedì, 12 dicembre 2022 17:32)

    I received my Diamond Water in a few days up here in England from Erbamicaluce last month and I'm very pleased by the amazing results.
    I finaly found the solution for my problems, I'm looking for a long time.
    Thank you!

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